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Flea Busters Rx for Fleas

We are the proud distributor of Fleabusters, Rx for Fleas in Georgia.  Known for it's enviromentally-safe approach to flea control, Fleabusters has been serving Metro Atlanta since 1989.  Referred by Veterinarians all over the city, Fleabusters Flea Control is not only natural, but also effective - guaranteed flea control for one year, or your money back.

Flea Busters ExterminationEnviromentally-Friendly Product
Flea Busters ExterminationGuaranteed - One Year, Money Back Guarantee
Flea Busters Flea InfestationVeterinarian recommended
Flea Busters ExterminationWorks physically rather than chemically
Flea Busters Flea InfestationCompletely breaks the flea life cycle, preventing new flea infestations.
Flea Busters ExterminationAdhesive qualilty of product provides long residual effectiveness.
Flea Busters Flea InfestationAlso controls dust mites and other allergens, improving indoor air quality.
Flea Busters Flea InfestationOdorless.  You don't even have to leave home!
Flea Busters Flea InfestationIdeal for parents and pet owners concerned about insecticides.

More information: (our sister website)
Flea Busters Flea Infestation Control
The Link above will direct you to our sister website, where you can learn all about our environmentally-friendly product and professional service.

Also available as a do-it-yourself application by ordering at:

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Serving Metro Atlanta Since 1989


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Fleabusters Flea Control Kill Fleas
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