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Bothered by Bugs?  Our system is a better alternative to the traditional methods exterminators employ to spray volatile liquid pest control products on exposed surfaces.  Our system uses a protocol of strategically hidden powders, baits, and gels placed inside your home where pests live and breed.  (Roaches, ants, spiders, millipedes, silverfish, & more)

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Atlanta Exterminator - Professional ServiceYou won’t know we’ve been there…

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Our Atlanta pest control service offers two programs - a Once-A-Year pest control program that includes free call-backs, or you can select residential pest control service on a quarterly basis, with a once annual inside/outside application, and 3 quarterly outside only applications.  The convenience of outside only pest control service has proven to be very popular with our customers, as scheduling hassles are reduced to a minimum.  
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We try to take an environmentally sensitive approach to pest control, utilizing products and pest treatment solutions designed to minimize their impact on the surrounding residential environment.  Our primary indoor approach to a professional pest control service is to utilize dessicant products that bring pests under control physically, rather than the traditional chemical approach.  This is a big plus for the environmentally-concerned family.  Taking into consideration the majority of our customers have either children, pets, or both; our goal is to provide quality solutions, excellent customer service, and peace of mind.
Our goal all along has been to eliminate the use of the chemically-engineered insecticides that have been the norm in the pest control market for so long.  Over time, these pesticide residues have been proven to  accumulate to unsafe levels for both you and your family.  Studies have shown liquid pesticides evaporate in the home, leaving the airborne pest control residue free to be absorbed by household items, including clothing, furniture, toys, bedding, and food.  This is even more of a consideration in the energy efficient homes being built today, where the air you breath inside the home is far more sealed in than was the case of a generation ago. 

pest control atlanta kids imageOutside, the concerns regarding traditional pest control services are no different.  The little loved ones in our lives - our children and pets - are constantly playing outdoors.  As such, we have carefully designed a pest control program with the concerned parent in mind.  The pest control products being applied around the perimeter of your home will employ primarily one of two types of natural pest control - botanicals and inorganics. 

Inorganics are a class of insecticides that occur naturally on the planet, but that are not found in living beings.  The borates we use fall into this category, and control insects primarily thru dessication, posing very little risk to humans, pets, and other non-target mammals.

Botanicals are a relatively new class of recently discovered natural insecticides that utilize active ingredients from essential plant oils that target a nerotransmiter receptor site called octopamine that is only found in invertebrates(i.e. insects).  Since mammals do not have octopamine receptors, the products have no adverse effect on them.  Additionally, many of the plant oils used are classified as "Generally Regarded as Safe", or (GRAS) and/or are approved for food and beverage consumption by the US FDA.  Yes, you read that right - are approved for food and beverage consumption by the US FDA!

The peace of mind you'll enjoy by employing our pest control program will be truly priceless.  Why risk any other type of service?

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