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Atlanta Termite Control Company
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Termite Repair Contract

The owners of our termite control company have worked hard to develop what they believe is a competitive termite control repair contract that goes beyond the normal obligations found in most termite control repair bonds.  Here are just a few of the strengths of our Termite Control Warranty:

10 Year Termite Contract - The initial twelve months, with 9 additional years to renew. (See bold print below) -  Many termite control companies only offer contracts that cover 5 - 7 years.  Be sure to find out how long you will be able to maintain coverage with your termite control company.

Termite Control Atlanta InflationEscalator clause limiting annual increases (See bold print below) - Unfortunately, one effective means that the termite control industry has found to get out from underneath liability that is no longer wanted is by pricing the consumer out of their termite protection.  This is achieved by indiscriminately increasing the annual termite bond renewal fee each year.  Under our contract, the termite renewal fee is frozen for 3 years.  This is actually pretty industry standard; however, the question that needs to be asked is, "What happens when the freeze period ends?"  Are there any protections in place to prevent a 100% increase?"  Unfortunately, this is a business practice found all too often in the termite control industry, as many a homeowner has found themselves staring at huge increases with no answers as to why.  In our contract, we've taken the additional step to limit future increases with our contractual provisions, assuring you that any increases will be legitimate and related to increases in our cost of doing termite control business.

There is no deductible in our contract.  This is an extremely important and valuable component to our termite control protection plan.  The deductible on a termite control company's general liability insurance is typically one of their primary financial exposures.  Many termite control companies attempt to pass this exposure on to the consumer, which in our opinion, is somewhat less than stellar termite control coverage, as it alleviates the termite control company of incentive to perform a quality termite control treatment.

termite Control Atlanta - MoneyMoney Back Guarantee - We believe this to be the only guarantee of its kind, and certainly the first in the industry.  Scroll below to read the exact wording of this unbelievable incentive.  We aren't just going to tell you we'll treat your house properly - we provide additional assurance with the strongest termite control contract in the industry.  Try to find another termite control company willing to back up their claims with such a consumer friendly guarantee.

(Actual Contract Language:
Money Back Guarantee.  In the event a new active termite infestation with live verified termites is discovered during the period covering annual renewal years 2 thru 4, the company will refund the initial treatment cost paid to the company by the original purchaser of this contract, upon written request by the original purchaser.  The company will still be liable to honor all other applicable terms and conditions of this contract after issuing a refund under this provision.  This provision does not limit the company’s future obligations or liabilities.  This provision is null and void if the property owner does not adhere to any of the terms and conditions of this contract.  This provision becomes void upon transfer of ownership of the property to an owner other than the original purchaser of this contract.  This provision does apply to Powder Post Beetle Warranties.)

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